Interim Transformation of Dormant Spaces

Old Factories like the Electric Windows Building in Beacon, NY exist in cities and small towns across America. These old buildings are often structurally sound enough to keep around and have tremendous potential with the right financial investment but the surrounding area may not be ready for big time development. Currently, there are two “modes” for these structures: Mode 1: dormant, unused and waiting for someone to show interest in revitalizing the property. Mode 2: active, in-use or in the process of being developed. The first mode is not only bad for the building, it is also bad for the surrounding community. The second mode is typically beneficial for both the building and the surrounding area. The question is, can there be a third, interim mode for a building? Is there a new state that can exist between dormancy and development?

Big thanks to GOOD Magazine and the Huffington post for featuring our project online.
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Select one of the links below to find out more about the various states of the once forgotten building at 1 East main Street in Beacon NY.

Electric Windows 2008

Electric Windows 2010

Electric Projected 2011